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Mental Wellness & Mental Illness

Mental Wellness & Mental Illness


by Alex, Events Director

Allow me to start this with a disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. If your mental health is suffering and you need critical support, please if you are able contact someone with the training and skills to help.

Oh, it’s bad out there, isn’t it? I mean, we have our bright spots and our good news and our wonderful books; people we love and pets who need us; and sometimes cooking an experimental dinner goes very, very well. But this is a hard year for mental wellness, and let’s be blunt: for many people, every year is a hard year for mental wellness, because mental illness is a disinterested entity, occupying a person at their core regardless of whether it makes any sense or is in any way fair.

One of mental illness’s caprices is also that it hates to appear in the same form twice, so while we gather groups of symptoms and apply therapies that do mostly good things often enough that they are worth trying--at least trying--we don’t have cures, and we emphatically don’t have cure-alls. Which is all to say, things don’t get much more subjective and personal than what goes awry and hurts you from inside your own head. And not every story will match yours, and not every balm will soothe you.

But these are some books that I have liked, and read, and argued with, and found genuinely useful. I hope you find the list helpful and intriguing--whether you discover relief in some of these books, or vehemently disagree with them (or vice versa). In either case, they may give you something to grapple with, something to think about, some way to face what you experience when the enemy seems to live in clamoring silence inside your own head. We are all going through some things together just now, and we’re always all going through some things alone. I hope these books are good to you.