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Audiobooks for the Multitaskers

Audiobooks for the Multitaskers


by Amy, Kids Book Buyer


For anyone who doesn't know, Libro.fm is this amazing audiobook company who pairs with independant bookstores to sell digital audiobooks playable on the libro.fm app. We've been excited to work with such a supportive company in getting digital audiobooks to our readers (and listeners!).


I have never been a person who sat still very well. I like multitasking. I like getting things done. I always sort of mourned not being able to sew while reading or that I can't read while I walk home (I am not nearly coordinated enough to pull this off). But for years my only real experience with audiobooks was being in middle school and getting scolded for being pages ahead of the narrator when we were supposed to follow along (don't even get me started on being in the middle of a chapter and having the narrator announce you have to flip the cassette...Come on!).

It wasn't until I had a job making caramel, that involved me standing over a kettle and stirring for up to two hours, that I learned to love audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a pleasant companion for the walks home or while waiting at Kenmore for twenty minutes because I narrowly missed the train. I listen to them while I clean and while I run up and down the stairs of my apartment building to do laundry. Sometimes I find myself staying up too late because, really there's only an hour left and I need to finish it. They are there when my eyes are so tired from looking at a screen that I just need a break.


And sure, narrators can take some getting used to (and sometimes you just can't finish because why are they saying that word like that?!), but Libro has grown to be one of my most-used apps. I have favorite narrators. I have had the chance to experience books I've loved for years in new ways, like reading them for the first time again. Sometimes audiobooks can break me out of my fog when things become too much and I can't get myself to focus on the page in front of me, and that is an amazing thing.

Some of my so-good-you-should-listen-to-them-twice favorites: