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Picture Book Hour: Mags DeRoma

Picture Book Hour: Mags DeRoma

Sunday, October 24, 2021 - 10:30AM ET
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Join us for a reading of Awake with picture book author-illustrator Mags DeRoma, followed by an art demonstration and Q&A!

About Author-Illustrator Mags DeRoma & the Book!

In a big, big city

on a busy street

at the tipity-top of a tall building

lives a girl.


One night, after a story,

a snuggle,

and one last sip of water,

she was getting sleepy...when out of the corner of her eye...

\\ () //



The girl was no longer sleepy. Now, she was...AWAKE.

In a brilliant debut, Mags DeRoma gives us an empowered young child who is trying to solve the biggest problem she's ever faced: how to get the spider out of her room without actually having to go near it.

With bold cut-paper art, Awake is sure to stay with readers for a long time.


Mags DeRoma is an artist and storyteller. She makes, writes, designs, draws, paints, and builds thoughtful works, many of them for a young (but discerning) audience. Awake is her debut picture book.