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Chicas en la luna

Chicas en la luna cover

Chicas en la luna

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Everyone in Phoebe Ferris’s life tells a different version of the truth. Her mother, Meg, ex-rock star and professional question evader, shares only the end of the story—the post-fame calm that Phoebe’s always known. Her sister Luna, indie rock darling of Brooklyn, preaches a stormy truth of her own making, selectively ignoring the facts she doesn’t like. And her father, Kieran, the co-founder of Meg’s beloved band, hasn’t said anything at all since he stopped calling three years ago. But Phoebe, a budding poet in search of an identity to call her own, is tired of half-truths and vague explanations. When she visits Luna in New York, she’s determined to find out how she fits in to this family of storytellers, and maybe even to continue her own tale. This soul-searching, authentic debut weaves together Phoebe’s story with scenes from the romance between Meg and Kieran that started it all—leaving behind a heartfelt reflection on family, fame, and finding your own way.

Todo el mundo en la vida de Phoebe Ferris cuenta una versión diferente de la verdad. Su madre, Meg, exestrella de rock y evasora profesional de preguntas, comparte sólo el final de la historia: la calma después de la fama que Phoebe siempre ha conocido. Su hermana, Luna, estrella emergente de rock alternativo, predica una verdad tormentosa de su propia creación, ignorando selectivamente los hechos que no le placen. Y su padre, Kieran, el cofundador de la venerada banda de Meg, no ha dicho palabra desde que dejó de llamarla hace tres años. Pero Phoebe, poeta en ciernes en busca de una identidad propia, está cansada de medias verdades y explicaciones vagas. Cuando viaja a Nueva York a visitar a Luna, decide averiguar cómo encaja ella en esta familia de contadores de historias, y cómo logrará ser capaz de escribir la suya.

Janet McNally earned a master’s degree in fine arts at the University of Notre Dame and has had stories and poems published in various literary magazines. She has twice been a fiction fellow with the New York Foundation for the Arts. She teaches creative writing at Canisius College and lives in Buffalo, NY.

ISBN: 9786075271309

ISBN-10: 9786075271309

Publisher: Editorial Oceano de Mexico

Publication Date: 09/01/2017 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/01/2017 - 12:00am

Pages: 432

Language: Spanish


Young Adult Fiction / Performing Arts / Music

Young Adult Fiction / Family / Parents

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