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Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Social Equity

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Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Social Equity cover

Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Social Equity

Editor  Meredith Minkler , Patricia Wakimoto , Contributions by  Meredith Minkler , Patricia Wakimoto , Lionel J. Beaulieu , Adam B. Becker , Lynn Blanchard , Anne Bluethenthal , Frances Dunn Butterfross , Lisa Cacari Stone , Caricia Catalani , Charlotte Yu-Ting Chang , Roxana Chen , Coleman Wayland , Chris M. Coombe , Jason Corburn , Lori Dorfman , Eugenia Eng , Nancy Epstein , Jessica Estrada , Jennifer Falbe , Stephanie A. Farquhar , Prisila Gonzalez , Joseph Griffin , Leslie Grover , Lorraine Gutiérrez , Trevor Hancock , Susana Hennesey Laverty , Reva Hines , Mark S. Homan , Lili Farhang , Solange Gould , Cheryl A. Hyde , Barbara A. Israel , Anthony B. Iton , Whitney Johnson , Michelle C. Kegler , Josh Kirschenbaum , John P. Kretzmann , Ronald Labonté , Blishda Lacet , Pam Tau Lee , Edith A. Lewis , Jennifer Lifshay , Laura Linnan , Shaw San Liu , Shaddai Martinez Cuestas , Marty Martinson , John L. McKnight , Christine Mitchell , Rachel Morello-Frosch , Mary Anne Morgan , Angela Ni , Barack Obama , Edith A. Parker , Susan Racine Passmore , Manuel Pastor , Amber Akemi Piatt , Cheri A. Pies , Clara Pinsky , R. David Rebanal , Kathleen M. Roe , Zachary Rowe , Alicia L. Salvatore , Shannon Sanchez-Youngman , Amy J. Shulz , Rinku Sen , Lee Staples , Celina Su , Makani Themba , Stephen B. Thomas , Maria Elena Torre , Evan Vandommelen-Gonzalez , Dierde Visser , Nina Wallerstein , Tom Wolff , Kirsten Wysen , Marisa Ruiz Asari , Nickie Bazell , Derek M. Griffith , Heather Came
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The fourth edition of Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Social Equity provides both classic and recent contributions to the field, with a special accent on how these approaches can contribute to health and social equity. The 23 chapters offer conceptual frameworks, skill- building and case studies in areas like coalition building, organizing by and with women of color, community assessment, and the power of the arts, the Internet, social media, and policy and media advocacy in such work. The use of participatory evaluation and strategies and tips on fundraising for community organizing also are presented, as are the ethical challenges that can arise in this work, and helpful tools for anticipating and addressing them. Also included are study questions for use in the classroom. 
Many of the book’s contributors are leaders in their academic fields, from public health and social work, to community psychology and urban and regional planning, and to social and political science. One author was the 44th president of the United States, himself a former community organizer in Chicago, who reflects on his earlier vocation and its importance. Other contributors are inspiring community leaders whose work on-the-ground and in partnership with us “outsiders” highlights both the power of collaboration, and the cultural humility and other skills required to do it well. 

Throughout this book, and particularly in the case studies and examples shared, the role of context is critical, and never far from view. Included here most recently are the horrific and continuing toll of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a long overdue, yet still greatly circumscribed, “national reckoning with systemic racism,” in the aftermath of the brutal police killing of yet another unarmed Black person, and then another and another, seemingly without  end. In many chapters, the authors highlight different facets of the Black Lives Matter movement that  took on new life across the country and the world in response to these atrocities.  In other chapters, the existential threat of climate change and grave threats to democracy also are underscored.

MEREDITH MINKLER is a professor of health and behavior in the School of Public Health at University of California, Berkeley, and the founding director of the university’s Center on Aging. She is the coauthor or editor of numerous books, including Community-Based Participatory Research: From Processes to Outcomes (with Nina Wallerstein).

PATRICIA WAKIMOTO is a researcher at the Nutrition Policy Institute at the University of California at Davis. 

ISBN: 9781978824751

ISBN-10: 9781978824751

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

Publication Date: 12/10/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 12/10/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 440

Language: English


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