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Gangsta: Cursed., Vol. 5

Gangsta: Cursed., Vol. 5 cover

Gangsta: Cursed., Vol. 5

Illustrated By  Syuhei Kamo , Kohske
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A spin-off series from the hit manga Gangsta that tells the backstory of Marco Adriano.

The man named Marco Adriano is a loyal and beloved member of the Cristiano Family, helping them protect the persecuted Twilight population in the city of Ergastulum. But he was once a boy code-named “Spas,” raised as a Hunter and assigned to the Destroyers Second Group for a single purpose: to track down and kill Twilights. 

Spas has lost the sense of justice that gave his life meaning. Striker still lives only for the thrill of the hunt. The rift between their moral stances forces Spas to break the promise they’d once made to each other, initiating a bloody parting that will scar them both forever.

The final volume of Marco Adriano’s hidden history of savagery and redemption.

Syuhei Kamo began his professional manga career working on the series Gangsta as an assistant to the creator, Kohske. Gangsta: Cursed is his first series.

Kohske made her manga debut in 2009 with the short story “Postman” in Shonen GanGan magazine. Her first series, Gangsta., began running in Monthly Comic Bunch in 2011 and became an instant hit. More about her work can be found on her website,

ISBN: 9781974701568

ISBN-10: 9781974701568

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

Publication Date: 06/18/2019 - 12:00am

On Sale: 06/18/2019 - 12:00am

Pages: 192


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