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It Happened, It's over, It's OK Now: How to Let Go of the Past and Heal Your Mind, Memory, and Emotions

You're not crazy The problems that make you feel like you're broken and can't be fixed, stem from "Negative Memory Engrams." You can't see them or touch them, but you can feel them and they're running you today Negative Memory Engrams can aid your progress or limit it severely They determine your fears, phobias, and cravings.They're behind they ways you relate to other people, especially those closest to you.They can even determine how fast you learn and your level of success.When you heal negative memory engrams, illness can't find you, and dysfunction can't hold you hostage any more Your physical, mental and emotional health can improve almost miraculously and even permanently Experience the kind of freedom, peace, and joy that may seem just out of reach today. Follow the steps in this ground-breaking book and go free TODAY with a Sure-Fire Process you can use RIGHT AWAY Learn how to identify and remove the roadblocks between you and your purpose.Discover the secrets of how to stop pain, illness, and dysfunction.Master powerful steps to re-activate your original design.Uncover and Unwind old patterns, break through your history, and rewrite your future Learn how to Live Glitch-Free Break the chains of the past Heal the wounds of old memories Unlock the patterns of limiting beliefs Register on the book's web page to tap into a wealth of helpful videos, audios and more.

ISBN: 9781929921478

ISBN-10: 9781929921478

Publisher: Whole Life Whole Health

Publication Date: 04/18/2019 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/18/2019 - 12:00am

Pages: 170

Language: English



Inspiration & Personal Growth

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