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By  Andrzej Tichý , Translator  Nichola Smalley
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Malm , Sweden. A cellist meets a spun-out junkie. That could have been me. His mind starts to glitch between his memories and the avant-garde music he loves, and he descends into his past, hearing all over again the chaotic song of his youth. He emerges to a different sound, heading for a crash.

From sprawling housing projects to underground clubs and squat parties, Wretchedness is a blistering trip through the underbelly of Europe's cities. Powered by a furious, unpredictable beat, this is a paean to brotherhood, to those who didn't make it however hard they fought, and a visceral indictment of the poverty which took them.

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ISBN: 9781911508762

ISBN-10: 9781911508762

Publisher: And Other Stories

Pages: 200

Language: English




City Life

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