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Renal Diet Recipe Book for Beginners: 150+ Healthy, Flavorful and Easy-to-follow Recipes Cookbook: All Low Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Low Suga

➜➜ Are you looking for a method that simplifies your daily cooking even if you have CKD? How many times you have to cook a specific dish for you while your family eats differently? Do you know that you and your family could eat the same meals, only be careful at the salts' doses? If you are looking for a specific diet that allows you to eat healthy without becoming crazy cooking different plates, "Renal Diet Recipe Book for Beginners" is the solution you need

Do you know there is no standard kidney diet? People must avoid specific foods for each CKD stage and assume a correct level of potassium, phosphorus, and salt. People must know which are the specific salts' amount in each meal and ingredient. For this reason, this book provides a Nutritional Table for each recipe that allows you to choose the right meals for your CKD stage

If you have chronic kidney disease, it is essential not to aggravate the situation and understand what you can do best; your first essential step is choosing the right diet. Having the right diet helps keep the condition stable, or in some cases, improves health. Although it may seem restrictive, in reality, the renal diet is based on the correct amount of salts in each meal, specific food to avoid, and control the level of water people drink. The renal diet allows you to cook one dish for the whole family, just being careful to take ingredients kidney-friendly and their correct amount of salts

"Renal Diet Recipe Book for Beginners" is a cookbook with more than 150 only kidney-friendly recipes Each of them has a specific Nutritional Table that allows you to monitor the sodium, phosphorous, and potassium to manage your diet in the best way; you will eat healthy without giving up the taste and cooking delicious meals for your family as a whole

Thanks to this cookbook, you can organize your kitchen better, and you will discover:

  • 150+ Recipes for every moment of the day
  • Not only meat More than 80 Vegetable and Fish Recipes
  • A specific level of the salts for each recipe
  • A lot of recipes for each CKD stage
  • Tasty Juices, Smoothies, and Dessert for all family
  • A wide variety of recipes to have an Adaptable Kitchen

...and much more

You deserve to live quietly If you no longer want to live by counting salts and becoming crazy cooking different dishes for each family member, this book is what you are looking for.


ISBN: 9781801474801

ISBN-10: 9781801474801

Publisher: Susan Cooper

Publication Date: 01/08/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 01/08/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 142

Language: English


Diet & Nutrition - Diets

Health & Healing - Low Salt