Forgotten Chicago Airfields (Paperback)

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Nick Selig excavates the highways to the sky that have been covered up by urban sprawl or dissolved by neglect. More than a guide to landing strips that have had startling second lives as shopping malls or retirement homes, he uncovers the excitement of the early days of air travel, when a man might cling to his job as a lavatory truck driver for a closer peek at aviation. In this follow-up to Lost Airports of Chicago," discover how a tractor swap gave birth to Clow International Airport and revel in the daredevil exploits of puddle-jumper pilots over the wide-open spaces of Harlem Avenue.

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ISBN: 9781626195547
ISBN-10: 1626195544
Publisher: History Press (SC)
Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
Pages: 128
Language: English