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I Just Wanted to Say

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I Just Wanted to Say

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Kala Marise doesn't care much for life anymore. With her parents divorced, her sister living hours away, and constant bullying at high school, the world looks hopeless.

Then Attison Cataline shyly walks in and changes everything. For once life doesn't hurt so much. But despite Atty's endearing charm, there is no distraction from the monotonous routine and insufferable family crisis overshadowing Kala.

Until suddenly things begin to turn around.

Kala wonders if meeting Atty is a blessing for her, but she notices Atty's withdrawn attitude and her weakness. Saying the wrong thing scares her and makes her shut down. Kala realizes her friend is hiding something big.

Now suddenly Kala, who all her life has survived only for herself, finds herself fighting to help someone she barely knows open up about a secret heartbreaking past. She doesn't understand how much Atty knows, the things she's seen and done.

This mystery--and all of the others surrounding Atty and her hidden life--will haunt Kala as she struggles desperately to save her friend.

About the Author

Writing for William Hall is almost like a game, another pastime of his. His writing began in high school; he would watch a good movie and imagine the scenes in his head, or read a book and imagine it like a movie. A self-proclaimed eccentric, William talks to his dogs, goes on evening walks, and is into weird electronics like portable speakers and chargers.

ISBN: 9781480941502

ISBN-10: 9781480941502

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.

Publication Date: 01/29/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 01/29/2018 - 12:00am

Pages: 124

Language: English


Social Themes - Friendship