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Rescued by Love Devotional Workbook

Rescued by Love Devotional Workbook cover

Rescued by Love Devotional Workbook

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"'Rescued by Love' is like a treasure chest filled with many priceless jewels and precious stones. At first sight, you might appreciate the fine woodworking and carvings on the chest, but in this workbook, Deborah opens the chest and skillfully examines each gem. As Deborah has said, "The Lord is the one who wrote 'Rescued by Love.'" I believe it is the Holy Spirit who has beautifully revealed the many truths hidden in this treasure chest.I hope you enjoy this workbook as much as I have, and come away with a much deeper knowledge of God's love for you. Deborah, thank you for being such a gifted "listener of his voice "Bob Huff, Prayer Pastor, Gateway Christian Center Prepare yourself to encounter the love of the Lord. Examine your heart and let the Holy Spirit speak to you through the scriptures. Deborah Thayer McLain reveals the scriptures and revelation that inspired her book, Rescued by Love. This workbook that will encourage you to journal your thoughts, dig deeper into the scriptures, and apply the scriptures to your own life. The Rescued by Love Workbook parallels Deborah's novel. They should be read together. This workbook will help you: Learn to trust God's plan for your life.Discover the unfailing love of the Lord and the price he paid to set you free.Understand how the Lord views you.Heal past hurts.Realize that God is in control of every situation.Learn from His word, the Bible.Come to Him with our troublesBe secure in Christ's love.Learn to use scripture to relate to life.See how prayer can help us every day.Be secure in Him.Realize we are not alone.

ISBN: 9781087262796

ISBN-10: 9781087262796

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: 08/08/2019 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/08/2019 - 12:00am

Pages: 162

Language: English


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