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Standing on Marbles

Standing on Marbles cover

Standing on Marbles

By  Karol M. Wasylyshyn , Illustrated By  Richard McKnight
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In this volume, renowned psychologist, executive coach, and poet Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn explores through verse what she has written about frequently in professional journals: three leadership types she calls the Remarkable, Perilous, and Toxic. Working from the experience of over 300 coaching engagements with some of America's foremost business leaders, she takes readers of Standing on Marbles to places few others have gone: into the very psyche of our highest achieving business leaders. In the spare lines of these vignettes, drawn from engagements where Wasylyshyn collected a life history, conducted psychological testing, and obtained organizational performance data, we are reminded that those with big responsibilities have obvious talents, but often also torments that can bedevil-or serve-others. Standing on Marbles provides an opportunity for readers to fine tune their own understanding of what leadership means, in terms of both the inner life and its outer effects. Whether you are a leader now, an aspiring leader, or even if you have no desire to ever lead anyone, there is likely something here for you-if only because you have had and likely will have bosses. This volume is illustrated with the stunning digital imagery of Richard McKnight.

ISBN: 9780982468333

ISBN-10: 9780982468333

Publisher: Richard McKnight & Associates

Publication Date: 02/01/2011 - 12:00am

On Sale: 02/01/2011 - 12:00am

Pages: 120

Language: English



Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Management - General