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The Emissary

The Emissary cover

The Emissary

By  Yoko Tawada , Translated by  Margaret Mitsutani
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Winner of 2018 National Book Award in Translated Literature

Library Journal Best Books of 2018

Yoko Tawada’s new novel is a breathtakingly light-hearted meditation on mortality and fully displays what Rivka Galchen has called her “brilliant, shimmering, magnificent strangeness”

Japan, after suffering from a massive irreparable disaster, cuts itself off from the world. Children are so weak they can barely stand or walk: the only people with any get-go are the elderly. Mumei lives with his grandfather Yoshiro, who worries about him constantly. They carry on a day-to-day routine in what could be viewed as a post-Fukushima time, with all the children born ancient—frail and gray-haired, yet incredibly compassionate and wise. Mumei may be enfeebled and feverish, but he is a beacon of hope, full of wit and free of self-pity and pessimism. Yoshiro concentrates on nourishing Mumei, a strangely wonderful boy who offers “the beauty of the time that is yet to come.”

A delightful, irrepressibly funny book, The Emissary is filled with light. Yoko Tawada, deftly turning inside-out “the curse,” defies gravity and creates a playful joyous novel out of a dystopian one, with a legerdemain uniquely her own.

Yoko Tawada writes in both Japanese and German and has received the Akutagawa, Lessing, Noma, Adelbert von Chamisso and Tanizaki prizes. Last year her novel The Emissary won the National Book Award.

Margaret Mitsutani is a translator of Yoko Tawada and Japan’s 1994 Nobel Prize laureate Kenzaburo Oe.

ISBN: 9780811227629

ISBN-10: 9780811227629

Publisher: New Directions

Publication Date: 04/24/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/24/2018 - 12:00am

Pages: 128

Language: English


Fiction / Dystopian

Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Fiction / Literary

Fiction / Magical Realism

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