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Girl on the Leeside: A Novel

Girl on the Leeside: A Novel cover

Girl on the Leeside: A Novel

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Siobhan Doyle grew up with her Uncle Kee at their family pub, the Leeside, in rural Ireland. Kee has been staunchly overprotective of Siobhan ever since her mother's death in an IRA bombing, unwittingly isolating her from other people and the full richness of life. Still, Kee and Siobhan consider themselves comfortable in their quiet haven, serving drinks to locals and reading and discussing Irish poetry. But then fate intervenes.

A visiting American literary scholar awakens Siobhan to the possibility of a fulfilling life away from the Leeside. Meanwhile, secrets from the past threaten to tarnish her relationship with Kee. In the face of these changes, Siobhan reaches a surprising decision about her future. Lyrical and heartfelt, Kathleen Anne Kenney's Girl on the Leeside deserves a place alongside contemporary literature's best-loved coming-of-age novels.

Kathleen Anne Kenney is an author, freelance writer, and playwright. Her writing has appeared in Big RiverCoulee Region Women, and Ireland of the Welcomes, as well as other publications. She has had numerous short plays presented in Minnesota theaters and has published the play The Ghost of an Idea, a one-actor piece about Charles Dickens. Her play New Menu was a winner in the 2012 Rochester Repertory Theatre's national short-play competition. She is currently at work writing her next novel.

ISBN: 9780525432654

ISBN-10: 9780525432654

Publisher: Anchor

Publication Date: 05/15/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/15/2018 - 12:00am

Pages: 304

Language: English


Fiction / Coming of Age

Fiction / Family Life

Fiction / Literary