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Tropical Arctic: Lost Plants, Future Climates, and the Discovery of Ancient Greenland

Tropical Arctic: Lost Plants, Future Climates, and the Discovery of Ancient Greenland cover

Tropical Arctic: Lost Plants, Future Climates, and the Discovery of Ancient Greenland

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An illustrated visit to the tropical arctic of 205 million years ago when Greenland was green.

While today’s Greenland is largely covered in ice, in the time of the dinosaurs the area was a lushly forested, tropical zone. Tropical Arctic tracks a ten-million-year window of Earth’s history when global temperatures soared and the vegetation of the world responded.

A project over eighteen years in the making, Tropical Arctic is the result of a unique collaboration between two paleobotanists, Jennifer C. McElwain and Ian J. Glasspool, and award-winning scientific illustrator Marlene Hill Donnelly. They began with a simple question: “What was the color of a fossilized leaf?” Tropical Arctic answers that question and more, allowing readers to experience Triassic Greenland through three reconstructed landscapes and an expertly researched catalog of extinct plants. A stunning compilation of paint and pencil art, photos, maps, and engineered fossil models, Tropical Arctic blends art and science to bring a lost world to life. Readers will also enjoy a front-row seat to the scientific adventures of life in the field, with engaging anecdotes about analyzing fossils and learning to ward off polar bear attacks.

Tropical Arctic explains our planet’s story of environmental upheaval, mass extinction, and resilience. By looking at Earth’s past, we see a glimpse of the future of our warming planet—and learn an important lesson for our time of climate change.

Jennifer C. McElwain is the 1711 Chair of Botany at Trinity College Dublin, where she is also director of Trinity College Botanic Garden. She is the author of many publications, including The Evolution of Plants.

 Marlene Hill Donnelly is a scientific illustrator for the Field Museum in Chicago. She has illustrated three children’s books, including Big Tracks, Little Tracks.

Ian J. Glasspool is a research scientist and paleobotanist living in Maine. He has authored or coauthored fifty scientific articles.

ISBN: 9780226534435

ISBN-10: 9780226534435

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Publication Date: 11/05/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 11/05/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 152


Science / Paleontology

Science / Life Sciences / Botany

Science / Global Warming & Climate Change