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Master Handbook of Audio Production (Digital Video and Audio)

Master Handbook of Audio Production (Digital Video and Audio) cover

Master Handbook of Audio Production (Digital Video and Audio)

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The democratization of video has driven parallel developments in audio: digital technology now allows small studios with inexpensive equipment to create increasingly elaborate sound recordings, while digital video now requires an audio design to match its increasingly sophisticated visual palette. In audio increasingly sophisticated digital tools must still be matched with essential microphones, studios, and acoustics, to attain excellent sound, making the field a greater challenge even as more powerful tools appear. This Master Handbook covers the full range of modern audio techniques, from digital sound recording in the studio to sound for digital video and film. It deals with basic physics, essential equipment, recording methods, and digital signal processing techniques - everything you need to produce audio in the studio or for video and film work.

ISBN: 9780071408769

ISBN-10: 9780071408769

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Tab Electronics

Publication Date: 08/23/2002 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/23/2002 - 12:00am

Pages: 420

Language: English


Electronics - General

Acoustics & Sound

Television & Video