Ines of My Soul: A Novel (Large Print / Paperback)

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This magisterial work of historical fiction recounts the astonishing life of Inés Suárez, a daring Spanish conquistadora who toiled to build the nation of Chile—and whose vital role has too often been neglected by history.

It is the beginning of the Spanish conquest of the Americas, and when Inés’s shiftless husband disappears to the New World, she uses the opportunity to search for him as an excuse to flee her stifling homeland and seek adventure. After a treacherous journey to Peru, she learns of his death in battle. She meets and begins a passionate love affair with a man who seeks only honor and glory: Pedro Valdivia, war hero and field marshal to the famed Francisco Pizarro. Together, Inés and Valdivia will build the new city of Santiago and wage a ruthless war against the indigenous Chileans. The horrific struggle will change them forever, pulling each toward their separate destinies.

Inés of My Soul is a work of breathtaking scope, written with the narrative brilliance and passion readers have come to expect from Isabel Allende.

Praise For…

“Allende…has written her surest work since THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS.”

“Allende is a master storyteller at the peak of her powers, as she demonstrates in her latest novel.”

“Allende’s imagination delivers the enchantment…this is one work Allende fans should not miss.”

“Vivid…Allende’s reach is broad…Allende succeeds in resurrecting a woman from history and endowing her with the gravitas of a hero.”

“A powerfully evocative narrative...Allende is at her best here.”

“Thoroughly researched…a colorful, entertaining tale of the hardscrabble adventures and desperate deeds of some of our hemisphere’s first Europeans”

“Solid and well-constructed...Ines is rescued by Allende from history’s dust bin.”

“Allende’s keen intelligence and lively prose keep readers wishing for more.”

“Might be Allende’s best novel, better even than THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS.”

“Vivid and convincing….”

“Well-grounded...As always, Allende focuses on the story.”

“Compelling...a complex and truly rich tale”

“earthy and ironic.”

“Thrilling epic...the memoir she ascribes to Ines promotes a more democratic view of how the New World was settled.”

“Riveting...A colorful and clear-eyed portrait...Suarez’s story is so fabulous and life-affirming…that it simply captivates”

“Allende has given [Ines] an instantly appealing voice...even the most unpliable reader will be hooked.”

“A thourough and unflinching account…Allende...keeps the pages turning. It’s a joy to see Ines triumph.”

“Ines of My Soul is a powerful novel...[Ines] is, in Allende’s skilled hands, a wholly human character.”

“An elegant work of historical fiction.”

“engrossing…Fans of Allende’s earlier novels will…find enjoyment in INES OF MY SOUL.”

“Brilliant…A beautifully crafted work by one of the finest writers of our time.”

“Ines of My Soul is an absorbing and illuminating book.”

“Meticulously researched.”

“Allende crafts a swift, thrilling epic, packed with fierce battles and passionate romance.”

“Fiction about the conquistador experience…can’t possibly get better”

“Allende always delivers. This time it’s with an enchanting historical fiction about Chile.”

“A master storyteller.”

“Allende is a genius.”

“Possesses the eyes, ears, mind, heart and pluck to manufacture generous and feisty fiction.”

“Surely one of the most graceful and yet haunting writers alive.”

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ISBN: 9780061161575
ISBN-10: 0061161578
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: November 6th, 2006
Pages: 528
Language: English