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Black Lives and the Police State: Read for Free

Black Lives and the Police State: Read for Free


Free resources on racism and the many ways our society is structured to uphold it.

Content warning: racism, murder, police brutality

For the past two weeks, protesters have rallied throughout the country to decry the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other black Americans killed by law enforcement. We’ve been inspired by our community’s response; thousands marched in Boston on Sunday, and the movement continues to gather momentum.

During that time we’ve also received a staggering number of orders for books on racism, activism, privilege, and intersectional struggle. Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), many of our favorite titles on those subjects are temporarily sold out nationwide, and publishers are scrambling to reprint them. We’re taking orders through our online store and we’ll get the physical books in your hands as soon as we can, but you can take advantage of these virtual texts right away, at no cost.

The links at the end of the book descriptions below all lead to free editions as of June 8th, 2020, and they only scratch the surface; you can find a wealth of other educational media at the Black History Month Library.