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« Monday March 18, 2013 »
Start: 7:00 pm
Mary Beth Keane tells the story of Typhoid Mary, taking us behind the scenes to discover the woman behind the facts and rumors. Mary, a middle-aged cook who unknowingly infects several of her clients with typhoid fever, must come to terms with her situation and recapture her life after it has been unbearably altered. A stunning piece of historical fiction. In her new novel, Jeanine Cummins weaves together the stories of two mothers a generation apart, questioning sanity and what being a mother truly involves. In modern-day New York, Majella finds herself exhausted after having her first baby, and is unable to reconcile with her maternal unease. Generations ago, her ancestor, Ginny Doyle, is suspected to have committed matricide. Can motherly instincts be inherited, and are we fated to repeat history?    Wine will be provided by MommyJuice.
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