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Start: 7:00 pm

Mother and daughter Cynthia and Meira Levinson share their new books on how civic involvement among kids and teens can change the world. In We’ve Got A Job, Cynthia Levinson tells the story of the Children’s March in Birmingham, Alabama, when kids and teens flooded the streets and the jails of the city to fight segregation. In No Citizen Left Behind, Meira Levinson draws on her experience teaching in an all-black Atlanta school to make a case for education reform aimed at civic involvement and closing the “civic empowerment gap” that divides black and white students.

Start: 6:00 pm

Doron Weber's eldest son, Damon, was born with a single ventricle in his heart but kept alive by a complicated operation. At age twelve, he was told he had another five to ten years to live. In this tender, beautifully written memoir, Doron Weber chronicles the last years of Damon's life and his tireless fight to save his son.


Tickets are free and available at the Booksmith. Call 617.566.6660. 

Start: 7:00 pm

Professional storyteller Jay O'Callahan has performed all over the world, for organizations such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, NASA, and NPR. In his novelistic debut, Harry's Our Man, it's the 1950's and Boston academic Harry Hutchinson decides to run for Congress, spurred on by the madness of the nuclear arms race. What unfolds is the zaniest, most bizarre, and wild political love story you're likely to find.

Start: 6:00 pm

To purchase tickets, please call 617-566-6660 or drop by the Booksmith (279 Harvard St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline). 

First I’ll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then about the murders, which happened later.

In his first novel in six years, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and legend of American letters Richard Ford (Independence Day, Rock Falls) tells the story of Dell Parson, whose world falls apart when his seemingly normal parents are arrested for a robbery. 

Start: 7:00 pm

Award-winning blogger, stuffed-animal enthusiast, and confidence wig champion Jenny Lawson wants you to read her book. She wants you to come see her too. She wants you to come see her read her book, then read her book afterwards. Here. At the Booksmith. She's going to tell (mostly true) stories about growing up with a taxidermist father and about psychopaths who stand by bathroom doors and anxiety disorders (all potentially related). Nathan Fillion may come too (but probably not).

Start: 4:00 pm

Please join us to celebrate the second book release for Big Class Boston, an organization focused on connecting public school students with creative adults through collaborative book projects. Featuring original short stories by a group of Teen Advantage students from the Steps to Success after-school program and illustrations by artists from the Boston area, this book demonstrates the power of creative collaboration.

Start: 7:00 pm

Co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead comes to the Booksmith to share her new book of autobiographical essays. In Lizz Free Or Die,
she explains how she found her voice, as a writer, a woman, and one of today's most insightful comedians.

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