Cambios Necesarios: Empleados, Negocios y Relaciones de Los Que Debemos Desprendernos Para Seguir Adelante (Paperback)

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In Necessary Endings, Dr. Cloud demonstrates that, when done well, 'necessary endings' allow us to stop pain, foster growth, reach personal and business goals, and live better lives. When done poorly though, good opportunities are lost, and misery either remains or is repeated. While we all face these kinds of endings daily, Dr. Cloud finds that most of us fall in the latter category and don't handle endings very well---and we need help. In this new book, Dr. Cloud draws on years of experience as an executive coach and therapist and offers a mixture of advice and anecdotes---all delivered in Cloud's characteristically warm and empathic voice---that will do several things to address this need: *Bring awareness to the necessity of endings in life, similar to what Cloud did with his extremely popular Boundaries series. *Normalize the concept so that you can see it as a regular part of life. *Help you see the need for endings in all facets of life, both personal and professional. *Show you why you have not been able to negotiate endings well. *Show you how to do it and make it go well. *Cast a vision for a better future, one where the pain of being stuck has ended, and there is space for good things. *Help you understand the process of endings so that you can metabolize the lessons and experience and thereby not repeat them Knowing when and how to let go when something isn't working---whether it's a career choice, business venture, or personal relationship---is essential for happiness and success. In Necessary Endings, Dr. Cloud gives you the tools you need to begin pruning the bad and the broken from your life so the good may begin growing again.

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Published: Vida Publishers, 05/01/2012
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