El Conocimiento del Dios Santo (Paperback)

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SPANISH EDITION. In this classic testimonial, the author presents God's attributes with words that touch our hearts. This masterpiece helps readers strengthen and deepen their spiritual lives.

About the Author

A. W. Tozer fue ministro en la Alianza Cristiana y Misionera de 1919 a 1963, y fue editor de la revista Alliance Witness (hoy dIa Alliance Life) de 1950 a 1963. Durante su vida, Tozer escribiO numerosos libros, siendo el mAs famoso de ellos La bUsqueda de Dios. AdemAs de sus obras, Tozer escribiO numerosos ensayos publicados en las revistas cristianas mAs importantes de su Epoca.

A.W. Tozer was a minister in the Christian & Missionary Alliance from 1919 to1963 and was editor of the "Alliance Witness" (now "ALife") from 1950 to1963. Tozer, during his lifetime wrote many books, The Pursuit of God being his most famous. Along with books, Tozer wrote many essays published in the major Christian publications of his day.

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ISBN: 9780829704662
ISBN-10: 0829704663
Publisher: Vida Publishers
Publication Date: July 19th, 1996
Pages: 128
Language: Spanish