Delta Force: A Memoir by the Founder of the U.S. Military's Most Secretive Special-Operations Unit (Paperback)

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Wanted: Volunteers for Project Delta. Will guarantee you a medal. A body bag. Or both. When Charlie Beckwith issued this call to arms in Vietnam in 1965, he revolutionised American armed combat. This is the story of what would come to be known as Delta Force, as only its maverick creator could tell it.

About the Author

U.S. Army colonel Charles A. Beckwith (1929 1994) was the founder and first commanding officer of Delta Force. For his service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Purple Heart.

Donald Knox (1936 1986), an award-winning television producer and director, was the author of several books on military history, including "The Korean War" and "Death March".

Praise For…

“Delta Force, considered the equivalent of SEAL Team 6, are far more tight-lipped than the SEALs.”
-New York Times

“Delta Force is arguably the most effective fighting unit in the world.”
-Washington Post

“Absolutely compelling...nations without men like this simply don’t survive.”
-The Wall Street Journal

“The Army’s most elite commando unit.”
-Los Angeles Times

“A page turner. ... Hard to put down. ... One of those rare books that military people will annotate and underline and hesitate ever to lend out. ... Beckwith’s candor is extraordinary.”
-Armed Forces Journal

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ISBN: 9780062249692
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Publication Date: May 2013
Pages: 371
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