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The Man Cave Book

The Man Cave Book (Paperback)

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What separates the men from the boys? The Man Cave.

Boyhood Fort Man Cave Who's allowed Not girls—they have cooties Not women—they have authority Primary materials used in construction Wood, stuff your mom doesn't want Particleboard, stuff your wife doesn't want Key activities inside Goofing around, avoiding responsibility Goofing around, avoiding responsibility Peak periods of use After school, weekends After work, weekends Slumber parties with buddies? Yes No Food and beverages consumed Soda and unhealthy snacks Beer and unhealthy snacks Spend the night inside? Not as a habit, but it's been known to happen Not as a habit, but it's been known to happen Money spent on space As little as possible As much as possible Is this a phase you will outgrow? Yes No

The Man Cave Book is a tribute to great and glorious man spaces and the craftsmen behind them. Complete with instructions and insights into creating your own unique refuge and shrine to beer, sports, and everything else that's right with the world, this is an essential manual for any man cave enthusiast.

About the Author

A former USMC Reserves squad leader and the author of The Maxims of Manhood, Jeff Wilser is a regular columnist on dating, sex, nightlife, and pop culture who has contributed to GQ, MTV, and VH1.

Product Details ISBN-10: 0062003925
ISBN-13: 9780062003928
Published: Harper Perennial, 05/01/2011
Pages: 192
Language: English