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It is a time of turmoil, with the nation mired in an unpopular war in Korea and with Senator Joseph McCarthy stirring up fear of a lurking Communist "menace." Racial discrimination is rampant. A woman's place is in the home. And when a shocking act of God eliminates the Democratic presidential nominee, the party throws its support to an unlikely standard bearer: former First Lady and goodwill ambassador to the world Eleanor Roosevelt.

Captivating and fast-paced, Eleanor vs. Ike pits the unforgettable Eleanor against the enormously popular war hero Gen. Dwight David ("Ike") Eisenhower. But while the opponents promise "an honest campaign," their strategists mire the race in scandal and bitter innuendo. Suddenly Eleanor finds herself a target of powerful insiders who mean to destroy her good name--and Ku Klux Klan assassins dedicated to her death--as she gets caught up in a mad whirl of appearances and political maneuvering . . . and a chance encounter with a precocious five-year-old named Hillary Rodham.

Praise For…

“A fascinating combination of truth and fantasy…a brilliant fictional recreation”
-James MacGregor Burns, Pulitzer Prize winning author of ROOSEVELT: The Lion and the Fox

“a fast-paced, savvy, and oh-so-timely novel of political maneuvering, sexual politics, and human longing.”
-Ellen Feldman, author of Lucy

“the plausibility of [Eleanor Roosevelt’s] candidacy is what kept me turning the pages to see if she would beat Eisenhower!”
-House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland

“I could hardly put the book down as Eleanor’s “what if” political campaign raced toward election day.”
-Dee Dee Myers, former White House Press Secretary

“This timely book... had me rooting for [Eleanor Roosevelt] through every plot-twisting, page-turning minute.”
-Kitty Kelley, author of The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty

“[Robin Gerber] has written a crackerjack novel that is both politically and historically astute.”
-James Reston, Jr., author of The Conviction of Richard Nixon

“A truly entertaining and thought-provoking novel of what could have been.”
-Donna Brazile

“Gerber...skillfully blends biographical facts with imaginative fictionin an eminently readable story, one that’s as character-driven as it is plot-centered.”
-Jay Strattford

“Gerber’s attention to the history of the time…combined with a page-turning plot make this chronicle of a campaign-that-might-have-been an entertaining ride.”
-Durham-Herald Sun

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ISBN: 9780061373213
ISBN-10: 0061373214
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: January 8th, 2008
Pages: 315
Language: English