The Wilder Sisters (Paperback)

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The Wilder sisters fall in love with men when they least expect it--and most need it. Rose, the older, more practical one, is a widow who lives in New Mexico and has two ungrateful kids, a bored dog, and a horse with a bad back. Lily, the younger, more daring sister, lives in Southern California, where she has put her career before everything else--including love. Lily and Rose flee to their parents' ranch, for some emotional detox. But the two haven't spoken in five long years, and spending time togther is the last thing they'd planned on. Nor had either anticipated being so actively pusued by lovestruck men. Readers will be in their corner all the way as they rediscover the bonds of sisterhood and slowly open their hearts to love.

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ISBN: 9780060931070
ISBN-10: 0060931078
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: June 20th, 2000
Pages: 384
Language: English