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Our events series is taking the week off. That's great for our team, but what about you? What are you going to do with your evenings? Watch season 3 of Under the Dome? I don't think so. No, what you have here is a golden opportunity, a gift of long summer evenings perfect for rediscovering an activity that has been lost in the crush of screens, marketing, and expert opinions. Just let it go, pick up a pen or pencil, sit beside an open window and begin. Long before "Ink Evangelist" Johanna Basford and her Secret Garden (a Top 25 of the Year bestseller in 2014 among Booksmith's customers) became a trans-Atlantic phenomenon, Booksmith's art department was right by her side in blazing the "adult coloring book" trail. We don't believe this is some passing craze, but rather the manifestation of a deep human need for retreat from the oppressive crush of the zeroes and ones of the modern world. We suggest you take ten minutes, allow your hand and eye to naturally unite in the creation of something beautiful, and find out what this all means to you.

I wouldn't say all of this if I didn't take that time myself. As an artist who has spent years encouraging my hand and eye to work things out in their own time, I guarantee that the simple act of coloring can lead to greater things. Here is a brilliant artist whose work is but a few steps along the path from the coloring books highlighted below. Picking up one of these coloring books today is a simple step on the path to a more creative, less stressful life.

Don't forget, our Used Book Cellar will be closed for business for the week of 7/3-7/10, so that we can put in a beautiful new floor. So whether you need to swap books for cash - or cash for books, plan to get in before July 4th weekend!

The Coolidge Corner Theatre and the Boston Society of Film Critics, is dedicating a special screening of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" as a tribute to renowned film critic Jay Carr (1937-2014), Boston Globe film reviewer from 1983 to 2002. His legendary "Vintage Stock" column appeared every Friday in the Globe, just one example of his ardent advocacy of independent film and local theaters committed to preserving the history of cinema. The 40th anniversary screening of Monty Python’s beloved take on King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table will have a special introduction by arts reporter and film critic Joyce Kulhawik. That's Monday, July 13th at 7pm, you can bring out your dead buy your tickets here.

It's fortunate that the farmer's market isn't today, because what a washout that would be! But tomorrow, rain or shine, and every Thursday this summer the Brookline Farmers' Market sets up shop from 1:30pm to dusk in the Center Street parking lot, with vendors offering vegetables, fruits, meats, pasty & desserts, fish, cheese, flowers, crafts, breads, jams & jellies, and on the spot knife sharpening. Follow your nose to one of the best farmers' markets in the area. See you there!

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