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The Booksmith has been getting some praise in the press recently! Check us out in Shelf Awareness, where we are proud to feature in part 1 of the Massachusetts Bookstore Field Trip! And we are more than proud to have been voted Best Bookstore in the Improper Bostonian's Boston's Best awards. Now we can rest on our laurels. We're taking the rest of the summer off.

Just kidding! Later this month, members of the Coolidge Corner Merchants Association will be taking Where's Waldo?it to the streets for our annual Summer Sidewalk Sale, but we here at Booksmith are getting started just a little bit early. Right now out in front of the store you can get half off select merchandise from the amazing Giftsmith!

Since we all know that Brookline Booksmith customers have the absolute best taste in books, every Tuesday, on the Blogsmith, we'll be listing last week's bestsellers. So follow our blog to keep up to date! (also feel free to follow our tweets, our facebooks, our instagrams, our tumblr, our everything.

Around TownCircus Smirkus is coming to town! The world-class children's circus from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is on tour this summer, and they'll be swinging into town the weekend of July 25-27th with Anchors Away for Atlantis! Join their intrepid crew as they climb the rigging with aquatic aerialists, tumble the surf with amphibious acrobats, even catch and release some fishy jugglers. Help turn the tides for the castaway clowns set adrift in center ring. Get your tickets here.

Sign up for the Eureka! Game Intensive and get your game on this summer! Our friends over at Eureka! take over Knight Moves Cafe (just a few doors down Beacon Street) and bring tons of games and puzzles over! Go beyond the old chestnuts of Risk and Monopoly into the innovative world of contemporary strategy games: faster-paced games that are far more skill than luck, and may call on powers of reasoning, spatial skills, resource management, negotiation, cooperation, risk management, and logical deduction. In addition to the most popular titles like Settlers of Catan and Dominion, the staff brings their latest favorites - this year they'll be featuring such games as Last Will, String Railway, Casa Grande, Aeroplanes, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and many more! The program is geared to kids 10 to 15 years old, who like to play games - especially strategy games, and sessions run during the second half of August - a perfect way to get your brain limbered up for the next school year!

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